Embracing unusual, somewhat typical clichés, I began drawing since I was a wee lad. Entering a new world, clutching thumb-size pencils and crayons, these soon became my tools of craft. Innocence and imagination, my library. Multiple scribbles and doodles, the spoils of this new life. Artistic divinity, and sense of abandonment, took me to quiet creative corners.The innocence of color, and artistic vision, were all left behind for a charmed life in advertising. Loss of focus and lack of direction, became the path of least resistance. A cloudy outlook, with a chance of rain, became the forecast for life. “I’ll never make it as an Artist”, resonated within. But a Love for art has its wisdom. This creative world, yet all but briefly distracted me and an artistic path less traveled could not be dismissed. “Be that Artist”, I said to myself, “What’s there to lose?” Picking up pencils, ignited my hunger – a true bliss re-discovered. The journey begins with my first illustration collection. Jazz and its magic, created in a photo realistic style. These illustrations derived from a love of the black and white photography of the late and great Herman Leonard. As Herman says ‘ Above all, enjoy the music’ A true inspiration bringing the magic of art and music together.


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