Birth of ‘Two Original’

Project ‘Two Original’ has been an idea of mine for some time. From start to finish, it’s evolved into a new concept. My photo-realistic style has grown richer over the years but the more detail and depth I place into to my art, the more people see it as a photo. It becomes purely a reproduction, with no artistic expression growing, evolving, developing. I need to explore my style. My art is due to evolve.

Award winning, New York based photographer Martin Schoeller, gave the green light to illustrate his photo of Jay Z. In saying that I didn’t have permission to reproduce copies of my art when completed, so how could this piece be different, I wanted to create  a piece for him and keep one for myself. Intuitively, I got to put them side by side and print a copy. Then to tear it up was a juicy next step. I needed to embrace this nervy concept. Having the balls to do that was held back by my controlling nature. I had to free myself up to explore this, yet let go the depth of craft I’ve developed over the past years.
Tearing it up and creating and artistic piece became the vision.
Assimilating this idea, excited and scared the shit out of me. Then the idea dropped. That’s it! Half photo, half illustration! Martin can have an original, left side photo, right side illustration. I can keep an original too. As the idea grew on me, I decided to use this for a future collection. Prints could sell, yet the foundation and gold, is to have Two Originals. Never reproduce, only two exist.
Nerves of steel to accomplish it and a steady heart would create a perfect tear. This half Jay Z illustration and photo was my pilot folio piece, laying a platform for future collaboration. It sets a signature for my artistic visions. Tearing it up, frees the heart and soul, giving space for a broader range of artistic expression in the future of Warren J Fox. Splashing paint, brushing ink on big canvas are on the horizon. Stay tuned…

Warren J Fox